Technologies and systems to make production processes sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Deparia provides technologies and systems suitable for a wide range of applications and industrial processes, advanced solutions to make production processes sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Fields of application


Deparia provides pollution control systems for a variety of processes in the chemical industry, solutions to reduce emissions of hazardous substances such as volatile organic compounds derived from the production of chemicals, fiberglass, resins, polymers and plastics.

· Asphalts and bitumen
· Dashboard materials
· Fertilizers
· Fiberglass
· Lubricants
· Plastic and compounds
· Resins
· Rubber
· Solvents
· Synthesis
· Synthetic marble and artificial stones
· Tires
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Deparia provides air protection technologies and systems to control emissions of volatile organic compounds from pharmaceutical product drying and coating processes for the production of active and other ingredients, medicines, statins, tablets and cosmetic products.

· Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
· Cosmetics
· Tablets
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Biogas e bioenergy

Deparia provides emission control systems for most processes in the bioenergy sector, related to the production of biofuels and biogas.

· Biogas
· Biomethane
· Biorefineries
· Waste treatment/Dumps
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Deparia supplies advanced air treatment systems for hospitals, corporate cafeterias and the food preparation industry – all of which have large kitchen facilities, in some cases capable of preparing several thousand meals a day. The scale of air emissions is therefore significant and therefore requires the choice of effective treatment.

· Catering
· Kitchen facilities
· Food production
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Painting and coatings

Deparia provides technologies and systems to control emissions in the painting and surface coating sectors where environmental regulations require the installation of advanced systems to control volatile organic compound emissions.

· Glass
· Coil coating
· Aeronautics
· Aluminum cans
· Automotive
· Shipyards
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Deparia provides advanced systems to ensure air healthiness in typical mechanical industry contexts characterized by the vaporization of lubricating fluids used for machine tools.

· Screws
· Hardware
· Hot pressing
· Cold Forming
· Metalworking
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Deparia is able to offer reliable solutions for most printing processes and equipment – including flexo, gravure, offset, lamination, and plastic film printing – using solvent based inks.

· Paper
· Flexible packaging
· Textile
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Deparia is able to offer solutions for the treatment of air emissions produced by co-generation plants, district heating plants and gas turbines, especially in contexts where very restrictive limits are in force.

· District heating plants
· Co-generation plants
· Gas turbines
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