DeNOx SCR TURBINE reactors

Deparia is the only player on the market capable of revamping existing turbines to adapt them to the new regulations on emission limits.

The structure
The structure

Plants for the abatement of NOx in turbines.


The adaptation of an existing turbine to new and more restrictive emission limits is a highly desirable option from an economic point of view. However, in the majority of cases, it is a complex operation that requires the installation of catalysts and of dosing system for the reducing agent within structures not equipped with such systems and which are often inadequate in terms of their size and operating parameters.

Thanks to the considerable experience gained in the field in collaboration with the most representative manufacturers in the sector, Deparia is able to offer an effective solution suitable for the “emissions retrofitting” of the most common turbines installed in Italy and Europe.


Easy cleaning thanks to the unique design with side doors to remove catalytic elements.


Continuous catalyst cleaning systems through rotary blowers fed by superheated pressurized steam.


Catalyst regeneration.


Gas turbines

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INDUSTRY: energy production (Varese, Italy).
EMISSIONS: NOx, CO from natural gas turbo generator.
SYSTEM: DENOX SCR TURBINE reactor with heat recuperator.

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