Flameless recuperative thermal reactors


It is a simple and robust machine, economically compatible, both in installation and operation, with power plants with an energy potential around MW.

The structure
The structure

The ideal choice to treat flue gases from generator sets powered by “problematic” fuels

The Flameless reactor is the ideal choice to treat flue gases from generator sets powered by “problematic” fuels, such as biogas generated by the anaerobic fermentation of biomass.

Non-catalytic thermal oxidation very effectively reduces large quantities of organic pollutants without being affected by the presence of contaminants that would be incompatible with catalytic reactors.

The Flameless reactor offered by Deparia can also be installed on generator sets powered by landfill gas: in this case, the heat recovered downstream from the reactor can be used in the process treatments (gas purification and filter regeneration) of the combustible gas, indispensable for the removal of contaminants harmful to the integrity of the engine (siloxanes, H2S etc.).


Flow inversion realized with a suitable system of servo-operated valves.


Airlock for the storage and subsequent disposal of polluted gases.


Equipped with alarms to block the supply of combustible gas.

Fields of application



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