Kappa system


Deparia’s KAPPA system contains several active filtration stages on different fractions of pollutants and is able to automatically clean itself, keeping the filters at a constant level of efficiency.

The structure
The structure

Filter for eliminating odors in the food industry

The KAPPA System is a filtering complex designed for odor reduction in large kitchens and the food industry.
Hospitals, corporate cafeterias and the food preparation industry have large kitchen facilities in common that are able to prepare several thousand meals a day: the amount of air emissions is impressive and requires effective treatment.


Compact size and halved dimensions.


Each unit is equipped with its own silenced exhaust fan, which can be activated individually.



Fields of application

Food production and Catering

Kitchen facilities

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Case Histories

INDUSTRY: food preparation (Milan, Italy).
EMISSIONS: odorous substances from salmon grilling.
SYSTEM: combined KAPPA System machine.

INDUSTRY: hospital catering (Brescia, Italy).
EMISSIONS: odorous substances.
SYSTEM: n° 3 combined KAPPA System machines.

INDUSTRY: catering (France).
EMISSIONS: odorous substances.
SYSTEM: combined KAPPA System machine.

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