Wet Scrubber


Deparia designs wet scrubber able to obtain the maximum filtration efficiency because they are characterized by correct dimensioning, a state of the art design and construction

The structure
The structure

Reduce odorous emissions produced during various industrial activities

Wet Scrubber reduce odorous emissions produced during various industrial activities. The abatement takes place through a wet process: the absorption can be physical, when the pollutants pass into the liquid phase by simple solubility, or chemical, with chemical reactions between the pollutants and certain reagents contained in the process liquid.


Columns made of top quality materials.


Pollutant abatement by a wet process.


Cylindrical vertical ferrule made of thick reinforced polypropylene, unassailable by corrosive acids and salts.

Fields of application

Food sector

Chemical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Textile industry

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Case Histories

INDUSTRY: production of artificial flavorings (Milan, Italy).
EMISSIONS: odorous substances.
SYSTEM: n. 3 wet phase Wet Scrubber.

INDUSTRY: chemical (Lodi, Italy).
SYSTEM: Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) with three chambers + Wet Scrubber.

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