8 September 2021

Engine and turbine exhaust gas treatment

Deparia is able to offer solutions for the treatment of atmospheric emissions produced by cogeneration plants, district heating plants and gas turbines, including the renewable energy sector, with solutions specifically focused on biogas-to-biomethane upgrading processes.

Deparia’s quality criteria in the design, construction and sizing of the plants make it possible to obtain the maximum NOx abatement efficiency (> 98%). This value is above the standards defined by the most recent European Directives on the treatment of emissions into the atmosphere.

The DeNOx SCR COMPKAT reactor has been designed to treat NOx emissions from small-sized cogeneration plants (from 400 to 4,500 kW) and represents the consolidation of the experience accumulated by Deparia in numerous installations of SCR reactors on large cogeneration plants subject to very restrictive atmospheric emission limits.

A prime example is Spumador, a leader in the production of soft drinks which, at the production plant in Caslino al Piano (in the Province of Como in Italy’s Lombardy region), installed a DeNOx SCR system for the treatment of exhaust gas emissions produced by its 3 MW cogenerator. Thanks to this intervention, the emissions into the atmosphere, continuously monitored by a certified analysis system, have values that are much lower than the limits set by the Lombardy Region, the most restrictive currently in force in Italy.

As far as gas turbines are concerned, on the other hand, the adaptation of an existing system to new emission limits represents a complex operation that requires a detailed study for the installation of catalysts and of the dosing system for the reducing agent, within structures not equipped with such systems and which are often inadequate in terms of their size and operating parameters.

Deparia is the only player on the market capable of revamping gas turbines already in operation (3 to 20 MW), to adapt them to the new regulations on emissions limits.

This is, for example, the case for AB MAURI, leader in the production of yeasts and ingredients for the bakery and pastry industries, or of Varese Risorse (A2A/ CSM-AGAM Group), which manages the district heating of the “Ospedale di Varese” hospital in northern Italy. Both have made the strategic decision to install a DeNOx SCR reactor, allowing the turbine to meet the emission targets set by current legislation. Through the collaboration with Deparia, it was therefore possible to significantly extend the life of the turbine without the need to replace it, ensuring full compliance with current regulations in force.